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Clients & Services

A wide range of ways to help your organization grow

The Best Solution For You

Every company is different and therefore has individualized staffing needs. At Echelon, we don’t believe in a one size fits all cookie-cutter approach. Every client we have is provided a personalized level of service geared towards their own customized needs.

Skilled Professionals Waiting In Line

How could you benefit from a pool of talented professionals ready to work? By having a database loaded with only top-notch candidates, you can lower hiring turnaround times & improve employee turnover rates.

What’s Your Hiring Model

How do you work? Are you only interested in part-time temps or do you want permanent full-time staff? Whatever your needs are, we are guaranteed to find a solution for you.


This includes contractors, freelancers, seasonal & all other temporary employees that work on a project or contract basis.

Temp To Hire

Take your temps on a test drive to see how they perform. Once you feel they are confident in performing without supervision, release them as permanent employees.

Customized Solutions

Sometimes, you just may need some direct consulting on how you should proceed. Let us know what your biggest challenge is and we will help you overcome it.

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